Moments in Nature

Three great blue herons flew out of the fog by the churchyard this morning. They slowly circled the field and headed for the brook.

I’ve only seen them one at a time before (except in their nesting grounds) so was surprised to watch them fly together. Surprised and awed. It made me think of Annie Dillard and her statement about “one show to a customer”. These moments in nature are a gift.

A juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker landed on the apple trees when I got home.

A pair of Carolina wrens trekked back and forth across my backyard yesterday.

A hummingbird flitted from the apple trees to the willows to the flowers, pausing to sit on on a wisp of willow.

I enjoy these moments. Each one gives me something to write about.

If you’re looking for something to write about, observe nature. Go outside and sit quietly for fifteen minutes or so. It’s amazing what you will see.