Four Thousand?

 Four thousand sentences.  Whether you’re reading or writing, this is true. But which four thousand sentences should you spend your time on?

  Every Wednesday I hope to post a reading recommendation here.  Maybe you’ll find books to add to your reading list.  Let me know if you read something I recommend.  Tell me what you’re reading and what you recommend. 

  I’ll also be posting about writing on Mondays. I’ll talk about things I’ve learned in my own writing. I’ll post links that give great writing ideas, have places where teens can publish, or run writing contests for teens.  If you have a question about writing, ask!

  Of course, I don’t count sentences in either my reading or writing.  I’m more likely to use number of pages or word count, measures that are easily available.  I like goals for myself for both reading and writing.

  What about you?  Do you try to read a certain number of pages a day or week?  A number of books?  Do you write a certain amount?

  I hope you’ll check back next week when I talk about NaNoWriMo and choosing books!  Please follow this blog by entering your email in the box to the right.