Friday Five

1. My family is calling the hurricane “hurricane Grammy” since my mom’s name is Irene. Right now it’s looking like we’ll see some strong effects from the storm in New England. It’s hard to worry about it when the sky’s blue and clear and the next two days are predicted beautiful and sunny. But…I’m thinking of foods we don’t have to cook and batteries for the flashlights and candles and water.

2. I think I’m going to print out some pages for the next few days so I can continue working on this draft. Just in case.

3. Jim’s leaving for a camping trip with our nephews today. This means I have from noontime today until tomorrow evening to write.

4. Pearl by jbknowles was wonderful again! I love Henry and Bean and their tangled, tangled lives.

5. The new job is going well. Next week I get to present in my old school. That is both comforting and terrifying.


Current Book: Eye of the Storm by kmessner